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Single Page Calendar

This month's featured script allows the user to create a single page letter-size calendar with the help of a template.

Step 1 The Calendar

The script assumes that the year for the calendar will be the year following that for the current date.

If you need to change this, you will need to edit the script as no interface has been provided.

Step 2 The Template

image of template provided

The template contains a rectangle container for a header image (588 px by 140 px at 300 dpi). The text frame over the oval is assigned to an object style that defines the paragraph style for the text. The two text frames with weekday headers are named for the purpose of the script in determining the width of the two columns.

The large text frame below the weekday headers is named and designed to provide bounds measurement for calculating the height of the area to be used for the calendars.

Other than adding embellishments or setting background colors, it is advised that no changes be made to the template. Doing so may render the script unworkable.

Save the template as a named .indd document before running the script. (That way you can always revert back if needed.)

Step 3 Run the Script

Shows InDesign's Scripts panel being used to reveal location of scripts in the Finder

The script can be run by opening the script in AppleScript Editor or from InDesign's Scripts Panel (Window > Utilities > Scripts). From within the panel you can right click on either the AppleScript or the User folder header and select Reveal in Finder. This will open the Finder window into which you can drag the script

Double-clicking on the script in the Script Panel runs he script."

...Installed script shows in Finder window

Step 4 Choose the Image and Watch the Magic

When you run the script you are asked to choose an image for the header. Once chosen, the script takes over, creating the tables and populating the cells. Text styling for the calendar text is controlled by paragraph styles attached to cell styles that are part of the table style.

Script Download

The download includes the template written for Adobe InDesign CC 2017. The demonstration script is currently available only for AppleScript. It is provided as an example from which readers can create their own script. No warranty is given for the completeness or reliability of this script.

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