Featured Script


This month's featured script allows the user to create create page destination hyperlinks for terms found on Glossary pages. The text flow for the Glossary text is assumed to be in a series of linked text frames which are defined by the user selecting the first frame of the series when the script is run.

Step 1 The Glossary Page

Glossary page showing glossary terms set in distinctive character style

The script assumes that the terms for the Glossary hyperlinks are styled with a distinctive character style. The character style can be part of a nested paragraph style.

Step 2 Select a Glossary Text Frame

Error message posted if no text frame is selected

Be sure to select a text frame when you run the script. If no selection is made, or the selection is not a text frame, a dialog is presented and the script terminates. No test is made to assure that the text frame selected contains the Glossary text needed. That is up to the user.

Step 3 Run the Script

Adobe Scripts Panel showing installed scripts

The script can be run by opening the script in the appropriate script editor, or, if you have administrator privileges, place the script in the Script Panel for the application. Otherwise you will need to place the script in the User's Script Panel. On the Macintosh, the User's Script Panel folder is found in the Finder's Library folder in the following path "Library:Preferences:AdobeInDesign:Version 11.0:en_US:Scripts:Scripts Panel."

Step 4 Determine Hyperlink Preferences in Dialog

hyperlink options dialog when script is run

All text to be hyperlinked to the Glossary must be styled with the same paragraph style. When the script is run a custom dialog is presented. From the first dropdown, select the paragraph style used to style the paragraph style that identifies the text to be hyperlinked. (Text not styled with the paragraph style will be ignored.) The default settings in the dialog for find/text options are consistent with the requirements of the script. However, the user can modify these as needed to further refine the search.

Script Download

The demonstration script is available for both AppleScript and ExtendScript. It is provided as an example from which readers can create their own script. No warranty is given for the completeness or reliability of this script.

No media download found.

Script Result

dialog shows number of hyperlinks created

A dialog is posted at the end of the script to indicate the number of hyperlinks created. Also, if errors are encountered in the process, this is also displayed in the dialog.

Proof in PDF

interactive PDF export dialog

You may wish to further verify the success of the script by exporting to Interactive PDF. Typical settings for the export are shown above.