Featured Script

Automated Slideshow

This month's featured script automates the creation of a slideshow using a multi-state object.

Step 1 The Files

User chooses the folder for the files in the Finder

To start, the images for the slideshow need to be sized the same and saved in a single folder.

The files are displayed in the slideshow based on alphabetical order of file names.

Step 2 User Interfaace

Custom dialog for choosing slideshow styleThe user is presented a dialog in which to choose from one of the two style options: Arrow buttons placed to side on top of the images, or centered below the images.

Step 3 The Document

The document is created complete with the multi-state object and buttons as determined by the user in the custom dialog.

Shows first style option with buttons placed to sides and on top of images.

Step 4 Preview the Slideshow

Shows second style option in EPUB Preview window

Open the EPUB Interactivity Preview window to view the button behavior.

Click on the run button to start. When the slideshow loads, click on its buttons to navigate through the images.

Shows second style option in which buttons from InDesign's Button Library are placed below the images.

Script Download

The download includes the Automated Slideshow script written for Adobe InDesign CC 2018. The demonstration script is currently available only for AppleScript. It is provided as an example from which readers can create their own. No warranty is given for the completeness or reliability of this script.

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