Featured Script

Automate Web Document Creation

This month the feature script automates document creation using a custom dialog from which a web document preset is chosen from a drop down list.

Step 1 Choose Document Preset

Custom dialog with dropdown of document preset names

The dropdown presents a list from which a document preset with web intent is chosen.

The script assumes that document presets with web intent exist.

Step 2 Add Layers

Shows document layer enabling groupAn enabling group allows determination of layers to be created in the new document.

Step 3 Stylesheets

Shows folder structure for stylesheet locaation

The script assumes that InDesign documents to be used as stylesheets have been saved to a folder named "Styles".in InDesign's Presets folder.

Step 4 Add Styles

Custom dialog enabling group for determining style import

An enabling group in the custom dialog provides the option for selecting a stylesheet from which to import styles.

Checking checkbox controls determines the styles to be imported from the document selected.

Notice that swatches can also be imported from the selected document.

Script Download

The download includes the WebDocFromPreset script written for Adobe InDesign CC 2018. The demonstration script is currently available only for AppleScript. It is provided as an example from which readers can create their own. No warranty is given for the completeness or reliability of this script.

Web Doc From Preset Web Doc From Preset 15