Automating Adobe InDesign 2019 - AppleScript

Last Posted: 22-Oct-2019 | Total Posts: 42
  1. DivideIt: Old Is New Again Shirley Hopkins 22-Oct-2019
  2. Paragraph Styles on Steroids Shirley Hopkins 15-Oct-2019
  3. Splitting Data Merge Document Shirley Hopkins 08-Oct-2019
  4. Excel to InDesign Shirley Hopkins 30-Sep-2019
  5. XML: Another Approach Shirley Hopkins 24-Sep-2019

Automating Adobe InDesign 2018

Last Posted: 02-Jan-2019 | Total Posts: 27
  1. AppleScript Date Shirley Hopkins 02-Jan-2019
  2. Seasons Greetings Shirley Hopkins 25-Dec-2018
  3. Single Page Calendar-AppleScript Shirley Hopkins 18-Dec-2018
  4. Making the Most of Table and Cell Styles Shirley Hopkins 11-Dec-2018
  5. Tables and AppleScript Shirley Hopkins 03-Dec-2018

Automating Adobe InDesign 2017

Last Posted: 30-Dec-2017 | Total Posts: 28
  1. Automating InDesign WrapUp for 2017 Shirley Hopkins 31-Dec-2017
  2. Placing Multiple Images Multiple Times Shirley Hopkins 17-Dec-2017
  3. Single Page Calendar using AppleScript with InDesign Shirley Hopkins 09-Dec-2017
  4. Script an InDesign Document Book Cover Shirley Hopkins 23-Nov-2017
  5. Release Anchored Items Shirley Hopkins 06-Nov-2017

Automating Adobe InDesign CC 2015

Last Posted: 29-Dec-2016 | Total Posts: 58
  1. Blog Index 2016 Shirley Hopkins 30-Dec-2016
  2. Export and Crop Image Shirley Hopkins 14-Dec-2016
  3. Seasons Greetings Shirley Hopkins 11-Dec-2016
  4. Plain Text Files for Automation Shirley Hopkins 15-Nov-2016
  5. Inline Text Frames Shirley Hopkins 31-Oct-2016

Automating Adobe InDesign CC

Last Posted: 03-Jun-2015 | Total Posts: 77
  1. InDesign Fixed Layout ePub - Wrap Up Shirley Hopkins 03-Jun-2015
  2. Automating Buttons for InDesign Multi State Objects Shirley Hopkins 27-May-2015
  3. Automating Buttons for InDesign Fixed Layout EPUB Shirley Hopkins 18-May-2015
  4. Adobe Fixed Layout EPUB Animation Shirley Hopkins 12-May-2015
  5. Animation for Adobe InDesign Fixed Layout Shirley Hopkins 06-May-2015

Automating InDesign CS6

Last Posted: 16-Jun-2013 | Total Posts: 48
  1. Blog Change for Automating InDesign Shirley Hopkins 17-Jun-2013
  2. Placeholder Text for InCopy Users Shirley Hopkins 11-Jun-2013
  3. InCopy Assignment Workflow_part 1 Shirley Hopkins 04-Jun-2013
  4. Adobe InCopy Coming to Creative Cloud Shirley Hopkins 28-May-2013
  5. Got Fractions? Shirley Hopkins 21-May-2013


Last Posted: 05-Mar-2013 | Total Posts: 13
  1. New From Adobe Creative Cloud Shirley Hopkins 05-Mar-2013
  2. Creating ePub Documents with Scripts V Shirley Hopkins 05-Feb-2013
  3. Creating ePub Documents with Scripts IV Shirley Hopkins 30-Jan-2013
  4. Creating ePubDocuments With Scripts III Shirley Hopkins 22-Jan-2013
  5. Creating ePub Documents With Scripts II Shirley Hopkins 08-Jan-2013

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