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Two Great Books for Automating InDesign

AppleScript book cover

New for InDesign CS5 and CS5.5

Completely revised and updated. Takes the reader from using and modifying scripts to creating scripts by combining handlers from the library provided. See how fast scripts can take you from resources to finished product. Find out how easy it is to jump start your productivity with a few scripts. Scripts for book are also available for InDesign CS6. read more...

ExtendScript book cover

For InDesign CS4 (and beyond)

Although CS5 and CS6 has added some awesome capability, most of the core functionality is still the same. Get familiar with ExtendScript, Adobe's cross-platform scripting language. Use and modify scripts provided, and learn how easy it is to take advantage of the hidden power of Adobe InDesign. Scripts for book are also available for InDesign CS6.  read more...

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